Grant, Legros & Co. Ltd.

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1. Overview

1910-1919. Lucien Alphonse Legros and John Cameron Grant. Legros left "at the outbreak of [WWI]" (Wallis, p. 37). Purchased in 1915 by A.E. Lund and H. Gordon Webb, "established employees of the firm" (Wallis, p. 37). Acquired in 1919 by the Williams Engineering Co. Ltd.

Primarily makers of the Davis Typecaster, but also manufacturers of punches and matrices. 1912 ad (cited by Wallis, pp. 32-33) claims "moulds for type, spaces, quads, quotations, furniture" and "matrices for all European, Oriental, and other languages in copper, bronze, or nickel."

Legros emphasized punch engraving for punching matrices, but a story related by Wallis (p. 33) indicates that the firm attempted (unsuccessfully) to acquire Russian types from Stephen Austin & Sons (in this capacity acting as printers, not (yet) themselves matrix engravers). Wallis cites as his source James Moran's Stephen Austin's of Hertford: A Bi-centenary History . (Hertford: Stephen Astin & Sons Ltd., 1968).

The only source I have so far for Grant, Legros & Co. is { Wallis, L. W. "Legros and Grant: The Typographical Connection." Journal of the Printing Historical Society. No. 28 (1999): 5-39. }

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