Pacific States Type Foundry

(Hawks & Shattuck)

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1. Overview

San Francisco. 1888-1906. Started by Nelson C. Hawks and William F. Shattuck in 1888 as Hawks & Shattuck (a partnership, not a corporation). Incorporated in 1892 as Pacific States Type Foundry. Joined by Arthur E. Shattuck. Hawks left in 1894. Destroyed by fire in 1906 and not rebuilt. Did not become a part of ATF. {Annenberg, 206}

Note: In 1874 Nelson Hawks also founded a branch of Marder, Luse which was called the "Pacific Type Foundry." Hawks left it in 1882. The Pacific Type Foundry (branch of Marder, Luse) and the Pacific States Type Foundry are unrelated save for this personal connection through Hawks. {Annenberg, 206}

2. Specimen Books

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1889. Hawks & Shattuck's New Specimen Book

Hawks & Shattuck's New Specimen Book and Price List of Types, Rules, Borders and Other Printing Material . (San Francisco: Hawks & Shattuck, 1889.)

Digitized by Google Books from the Stanford University copy. The link here is to a local copy of the Google Books digitization. As of 2011 this digitization was not available via The Hathi Trust.

3. Type-Makers Employed


4. Typefaces


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