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1. Overview

By 1950 - late 1980s. Birstall, West yorkshire. Horsfall & Sons (Startype) Ltd. Monotype machines "modified to work at higher temperatures with a different mix of metal" (Brundell) for hot foil stamping market. See Benjamin Brundell's site Some machines to Supertype (Brian Horsfall).

2. Specimens, Catalogs, and Price Lists

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[Specimen, 1980s?]

"Startype" [abridged specimen] (Birstall, Batley, West Yorkshire, England: Horsfall & Sons (Startype) Ltd., [no date, probably 1980s]). This is a small, abridged, specimen booklet which "illustrates the small fount range now manufactured to meet the growing demand by the many small printers now operating throughout the country and overseas." This Specimen remains in copyright, so it is not reproduced here.

Faces shown (in various sizes, 6 - 36 point): Ashley Script 574, Dorchester Script 436, Engravers Titling, Flash 473A, Garamond 156 and Garamond Italic 156-I [sic], Gill Sans Light 362, Gill Sans 262 and Gill Sans Italic 262 I, Gill Sans Bold 275 and Gill Sans Bold Italic 275-I, Gill Bold Condensed 343, Gill Sans Shadow 406, Gill Bold Titling 317, Heavy Script 322, Imprint Shadow 190 and Imprint Shadow Italic 190-I, Klang 593, Light English Text 456, Onyx 591, Palace Script 429, Perpetua 239, Plantin 110 and Plantin Italic 110-I, Rockwell Medium 371, Rockwell Shadow 175, Spartan 140, Swing Bold 583, Temple Script 455, Times 327 and Times Italic 327-I, Times Bold 334, Univers Light 685 and Univers Light Italic 685-I, Univers Medium 689 and Univers Medium Italic 689-I, Univers Bold 693 and Univers Bold Italic 693-I, Univers Medium Condensed 690, Univers Bold Condensed 694, Telephone Signs, Calendars, Borders in 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, and 18pt, Yuletide Borders, Rules and Leaders.

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