Golding & Co. Factory Log Book

Of Jobber, Pearl and Official Press Serial Numbers

(& Paper Cutters)

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Factory Log Book

Golding & Co. Factory Log Book of Jobber, Pearl and Official Press Serial Numbers (also Paper Cutters). This is a typescript original factory logbook from Golding & Co., Franklin, MA. It appears here through the courtesy of its owner, Stephen O. Saxe.

The pages in the original typescript are bound at the top. The backs of all but one of the pages are blank; these blank pages were not scanned.

The original 600 dpi TIFF scans come to 4.6 Gigabytes in size and are too large to distribute over the Internet at present. They have been retained as an archival digitization. The icon above left links to a greatly compressed, lower-resolution version (effectively 150 dpi, at reduced image quality) which is only 14 Megabytes in size. It is legible, and should suffice for most purposes. For those desiring higher resolutions, here it is at an effective 300 dpi (101 Megabytes): golding-factory-logbook-300rgbjpg75pct.pdf , and 600 dpi JPGs (1.7 Gigabytes): golding-factory-logbook-600rgbjpg.pdf .

This document has also been uploaded to The Internet Archive, where it may be read online conveniently: . (The large PDF file at The Internet Archive is identical to the 600dpi PDF file here.)