Jane W. Roberts

Printer and Type Collector

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Printer and type collector. Participant in the 20th century revival of "antique" (19th century ornamental) types.

Saxe {APHA 71 (1986)} lists her with ca. 175 fonts of metal type.

She compiled a list of 19th century type design patents which assisted Stephen O. Saxe in the extensive patent index in his edition of Loy


Roberts, Jane W. Old-Time Printing, Type Ornaments, Borders & Cuts in the Colletion of Jane W. Roberts . (Fitzwilliam, NH: Old-Time Printing, 1975). 54pp. spiral bound. 5 3/4 x 3 1/4. edition of 150.

---. Old-Time Printing II: Nineteenth Century Type, Ornaments, Border & Cuts in the Collection of Jane W. Roberts . (Fitzwilliam, NH: Old-Time Printing, 1979). 46 pp.

---. Type Faces: Mostly Twentieth Century. (Fitzwilliam, NH: Old-Time Printing, 1980). 12 pp.

Probably not on 19th century types, obviously, but I needed to make a note of it somewhere.

---. Borders, Etc. (Fitzwilliam, NH: Old-Time Printing, 1982). 46 pp.

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