William O. Thorniley

Type Collector

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Type collector. Participant in the 20th century revival of "antique" (19th century ornamental) types.

Saxe {APHA 71 (1986)} lists him with ca. 665 fonts of metal type.

Collection first to West Coast Paper Co., Seattle. This became "WCP Solutions."

In January 2017 the Thorniley Collection of Antique Printing Types moved to Pacific Lutheran University. See: LeCompte, Mandi. "The Thorniley Collection of Antique Type Finds New Home at Pacific Lutheran University." 2017-02-14. https://www.plu.edu/artd/news/2017/02/14/the-thorniley-collection-of-antique-type-finds-new-home-a-pacific-lutheran-university/


Thorniley, William. Specimens of Printing Types: 1700 to 1900. (Seattle, WA: Pastime Printer, 1967)