Gregory Jackson Walters

Private Typecaster, Printer and Collector

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Gregory Jackson Walters is one of the preeminant collectors of typecasting equipment today; without his efforts, much more would have been lost. He hosted the 2010 meeting of the American Typecasting Fellowship (it was a great conference!)

A typographical scholar of vast knowledge, he has done much to document the ATF matrices preserved at (and despite) the infamous 1993 auction. He contributed a detailed list of Morris Fuller Benton types and their surviving matrices to Patricia Cost's 2011 book The Bentons .

He is, naturally, also a fine private printer who does beautiful work.


Hopkins, Richard L. The Private Typecasters: Preserving the Craft of Hot Metal Type into the Twenty-First Century . Newtown, PA: Bird & Bull Press, 2008.

This book is as expensive as it is beautiful, but there is a brief slide-show of images from it on the Oak Knoll Books website.

Walters, Gregory Jackson. Auction of the Century Clinton, MI: Square Text Press / Phil. Driscoll, 1994.

The definitive account of the infamous auction at which the remnants of ATF were needlessly destroyed (save for what Walters and several other dedicated individuals preserved).

Walters, Gregory Jackson. "A Cursory Census of ATF Matrices, Sold at the Auction of August 24, 1993."

Walters, Gregory J. "Type, Press and Typecasting Collecting." Amalgamated Printers' Association. APA Journal (December 2008): 2-10. Online at

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