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Copy by Harry Weidemann of an as yet unidentified French face from circa 1838 {McGrew}.

Also known as Romantiques No. 4 and Ornate No. 6.

It is shown in McGrew (p. 343), who attributes it to Weidemann. I presume that it must have been available in the US from Weidemann's matrices, presumably on US point bodies, but I have found no showing of this.

An unresolved puzzle: In the 1962 Type Specimens by Neon Type Division, Typefounders of Chicago (that is, Castcraft) specimen, there is a listing for all five "Romantiques" (p. 177, although only one of them, which I presume is the "No. 2" (= Tuscan Ombree) is actually shown). No. 4 is listed as available only in 36 point. What is curious is that these are all specified as being available on "DIDOT BODY ONLY." The section in which they appear is one in which Castcraft is reselling European types imported (presumably) by Amsterdam Continental Types, Inc.

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