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Central Type Foundry, St. Louis. 1882.

Werner, N.J. "Saint Louis' Place on the Typefounders' Map." The Inland Printer. Vol. 79, No. 5 (August 1927): 764-766. cites Morning Glory as one of several faces the matrices of which were engraved by machine at this very early date. (The other two faces engraved initially were Geometric and Geometric Italic. Later Type Writer (Central) and Scribner were made in the same way.) In each case Gustave F. Schroeder cut the working patterns and William A. Schraubstädter did the matrix engraving.

Mullen dates it to 1884 and says that it was "Designed and cut by Gustav Schroeder." (Mullen, Robert A. Recasting a Craft: St. Louis Typefounders Respond to Industrialization. (Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois Univ. Press, 2005): 137). He also says that it was named after "the teenage daughter of S. Reed Johnston. "Morning Glory" is perhaps an uncommon name, but Morning Glory Johnston did exist. A quick genealogical search online reveals a few facts for her, primarily in wedding announcements in society columns.

In 1888: "Mrs. Harry Pears was Vallie Johnston, a daughter of W. G. Johnston [sic]. Mrs. Pear's [sic] sister [cousin?], Morning Glory Johnston, is one of the winter's brides, she having married Edward Bingham in October." (Nevin, Adelaide Mellier. The Social Mirror: A Character Sketch of the Women of Pittsburg and Vicinity During the First Century of the Country's Existence. Society of To-Day . (Pittsburg, PA: T. W. Nevin, 1888): 157. (via Google Books))

In 1905: "Mr. Robert Crawford Johnston has announced the engagement of his sister, Mrs. Edward Donaldson Bingham, of 'The Woods,' Oxford, Chester, Pa., the daughter of the late Mr. S. Reed Johnston, of Pittsburg, to Mr. George Eyster Scott, of Philadelphia, a son of the late Hon. John Scott, United States senator, and a brother of Mr. William Scott, of Pittsburgh." continuing "Mrs. Bingham, who is visiting her brother, will be remembered as Miss Morning Glory Johnston." ( The Pittsburgh Press, Sunday Morning, July 2, 1905, "Society in Pittsburgh and Allegheny" column. (via Google Books) This is confirmed by a "Family Record" compiled by Mrs. Ella Campbell Slagle Nichols, "Corrected up to January 1, 1914" in the library of Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah, which notes: "George Eyster Scott: Married by Rev. J. R. Miller, D.D., Thursday, July 27th, 1905, to his second wife, Mrs. Morning-Glory Johnston Bingham." (via Google Books)

(But note that the Encyclopedia of Contemporary Biography of Pennsylvania lists as one of his children "Mary L., wife of E. D. Bingham, attorney, of Westchester, Pa.")

S. Reed Johnston. father of Morning Glory Johnston, designed Owl (Central)

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