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The Curle Slug Corrector

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The Curle Slug Corrector was invented and patented by George L. Curle (bettern known for the Monomelt System). The literature I have access to for it, however, indicates that it was made not by the Monomelt Company (of Minneapolis) but by the Curle Manufacturing Company (of San Francisco). I do not know the relationship of these two companies, or the relationship of the Curle Manufacturing Company to George L. Curle. Curle listed his residence as Minneapolis in his patent filings.

For the Curle Matrix Anvil (which was manufactured by the Monomelt Company), see ../ Literature for Linecasters -> Monomelt Co. Linecasting Accessories; Curle

For an overall list of devices by George L. Curle covered on CircuitousRoot, including the Monomelt System, see ../../../ Common Casting Equipment -> Metal Feeders -> The Monomelt System.

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Curle Slug Corrector (1941)

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US Patent 1,287,900 (Curle, 1918)

United States patent 1,287,900, "Slug Sawing Attachment for Linotype Machines," issued 1918-12-17 to George L. Curle. Filed 1917-10-22 as application serial number 197,842.

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