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6-Level (Teletypesetter) Items Only

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1. Introduction

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Teletype didn't make hot metal equipment per se, but they made punched tape equipment, and many later composing linecasters were tape-controlled.

See also the Tape-Control Cross Reference.

2. Teletype High Speed Tape Punch Set (BRPE)

The Teletype "High Speed Tape Punch Set (BRPE Type)" was used with the Justape, Justape Jr., and Linasec Justape. (It is illustrated in the Mergenthaler Linotype Company's Linasec Justape Operating Instructions. I also possess a handwritten note by the individual from whom I obtained my copies of the Justape documentation that the TTY BRPE punch was used with the Justape Jr.)

The BRPE was manufactured for 5, 6, and 8 level tape (the BRPE-18, such as the one that I have is a 6-Level version). Since it is primarily a Teletype Corp. machine, I'll put all of its documentation in the Telegraphy -> the Teletype Sources and Bibliography -> the Teletype Bulletins Notebooks.

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