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1. Introduction

The Justape was a standalone special-purpose computer. It read Teletypesetter (TTS) style punched paper tape, performed typographic operations upon the data so read, and punched a new tape as output. This output tape could then be fed into either a tape-controlled Linotype (or Intertype) or a phototypesetter such as the Linofilm Quick.

It used a standard Teletype High Speed Tape Punch Set (BRPE Type) for its output punch. This punch could "perforate, depending on the unit and punch block selected, either 5-, 6-, 7-, or 8-level tapes" ( Teletype Bulletin 215B, Technical Manual, High Speed Receiver Sets (BRPE Type) ). TTS tape is 6-level (that is, 6-hole). In the image used as the icon for this section, the BRPE punch is the unit on the small table to the left of the main rack.

The "Spare Parts Kit" list, 00216, for the Linasec Justape indicates that it used a Digitronics paper tape reader. The model is unspecified. has the manual for a Digitronic 2500 Perforated Tape Reader online, but at least externally it doesn't look like the same model on the front panel of the Linasec Justape. (Here's a Local copy of the Digitronics 2500 Perforated Tape Reader manual from While this probably isn't the same model used on the Justape, it gives a sense of the style of unit Digitronics manufactured.)

2. Operating Instructions

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Linasec Justape Operating Instructions

Linasec Justape Operating Instructions. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, [n.d.]). The original of this document was generally single-sided. The two images, however, appeared on the backs of pages 1 and 2, respectively.

3. Print Package

Here "Print" means "engineering drawing" (and related documentation). This is a portion (all that I have) of a Print Package of engineering documentation published by Compugraphic and made sold to its customers.

Note: Several of the prints were larger than my simple office flatbed scanner. I scanned these in sections, and have manually "stitched" them back together (they're here at 25 percent of the original scanning resolution, as well). This stitching is far from perfect.

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Justape Print Package Cover

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EN0210, Power Supply

Part No. EN0210. Issue 2, 26 Feb. 1966. "Combination 28V, +6V, -12V Power Supply".

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EN0227 [no issue number or date] Comprising: "Justape Flip-Flops", "Justape Counters Etc.", "Indicator Lamps Check List".

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EN0269. Cancel Word Feature

EN0269. Isue 1. [no date] "Cancel Word - Justape[:] Technical Description"

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EN0272, Justape Test Procedures

Document ID: EN0272. Issue 1, 3 Apr. 66.

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EN0302, Wire Service Kit, Sheets 1 & 2 of 5

EN0302. Wire Service Rack Connections. Sheets 1 and 2 of 5. Issue 7, 1967-09-13. The first two sheets of EN-0302 are ANSI E size (which is the same as US 8 1/2 x 11 letter). The subsequent sheets 3, 4, and 5 (see below) are ANSI C size (four times as big). I've reproduced the first two sheets as a PDF (linked here), and the subsequent three sheets as individual images (see below).

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EN0302, Wire Service Kit, Sheet 3 of 5

EN0302. Wire Service Kit, Wiring Diagrams. Sheet 5 of 5. Issue 7, 1967-09-13. Stitched together by hand (imperfectly) from six scans of the original.

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image link-to-justape-tests-and-schematics-0600rgb-026-EN0302-wire-service-kit-wiring-diagram-sheet4of5-manually-stitched-sf0.jpg

EN0302, Wire Service Kit, Sheet 4 of 5

EN0302. Wire Service Kit, Wiring Diagrams. Sheet 4 of 5. Issue 7, 1967-09-13. Stitched together by hand (imperfectly) from six scans of the original.

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image link-to-justape-tests-and-schematics-0600rgb-032-EN0302-wire-service-kit-wiring-diagram-sheet5of5-manually-stitched-sf0.jpg

EN0302, Wire Service Kit, Sheet 5 of 5

EN0302. Wire Service Kit, Wiring Diagram. Sheet 5 of 5. Issue 7, 1967-09-13. Stitched together by hand (imperfectly) from six scans of the original.

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image link-to-justape-tests-and-schematics-0600rgb-041-EN0562-card-layout-for-wire-service-mod-kit-sheet1of1-manually-stitched-sf0.jpg

EN-0562, Card Layout for Wire Service Mod. Kit

EN 0562. Sheet 1 of 1. Issue 6, 1967-10-19. Card Layout for Wire Service Mod. Kit

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00216, Spare Parts Kit, Linasec Justape

00216. Issue 6, 1966-06-01. Spare Parts Kit - Linasec Justape (60 cycle). Note: References Digitronics Tape Reader and Teletype Tape Gauge.

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00245, Wire Service Mod. Kit

00245. Issue 6, 1967-10-20. Sheet 1 of 1. Wire Service Mod. Kit. Installation on Justape

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image link-to-justape-tests-and-schematics-0600rgb-044-FM0070-framingham-2034-sheet1of1-manually-stitched-sf0.jpg

FM0070, Framingham #2034

The title block of this drawing is empty, but it is hand-lettered "FM0070" and "Framingham #2034"

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