Teletypesetter Corp and Fairchild TTS Literature

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Literature about Teletypesetter products from the Teletypesetter Corporation and Fairchild Graphic Equipment. For Fairchild phototypesetting equipment (which was TTS tape controlled), see the Notebook on Fairchild Phototypesetting.

See also the general cross-reference/index to TTS literature locations on CircuitousRoot.

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Sales Literature

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Bulletins & TCSs

The primary reference material for the Teletypesetter from the 1930s through the 1950s was a series of technical "Bulletins." This Notebook also includes the "TCS" series of changes and additions to Bulletins (I presume that "TCS" stood for something like TTS Change Sheet).

Also Parts Price Lists (because they were issued uniformly with the Parts books) and order forms (because it seems as if they should go with the price lists, although they were given "TS" series document codes.

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Training and reference manuals, as opposed to the Bulletin series (although a few of the Bulletins were manuals, too).

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"Charts" in the sense of larger printed pieces containing useful information, which might be hung on a wall.

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Drawings and Diagrams

Standalone technical/engineering drawings and diagrams, including wiring diagrams.

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Technical Specifications ("TS" Series)

The Teletypesetter Corp. / Fairchild "TS" (Technical Specifications) series of documents. (Exception: the parts and equipment order forms were also given "TS" series document numbers (though this doesn't make sense to me). These are in the Bulletins TTS Notebook).

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Miscellaneous and Ephemeral Documents

(Sometimes untitled and unattributed. Some of these may not be by Teletypesetter or Fairchild.)

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A miscellany of Teletypesetter images.

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The Fairchild Graphic Equipment publication More Type In less Time through Automatic Typesetting notes that the Teletypesetter had been "developed and manufactured since 1932 by the designers of the world-famous Teletype communication apparatus until January 1958, when Fairchild Graphic Equipment, a Division of Fairchild Camera and Instrument Corp., assumed manufacture, development, sale and service of Teletypesetter equipment." (p. 2) However, the USPTO database for the trademark registrations for "Teletypesetter" (now expired) specify a date of first use and first use in commerce of Nobember 15, 1928 (that trademark was owned by Teletype Corporation of America, Chicago). The trademarks on Teletypesetter (in US categories 21 and 23) were renewed (2nd renewal) in 1971, but have since been allowed to expire. (Curiously, More Type In less Time... and other Fairchild literature assert that "TTS" was a registered trademark, but the USPTO has no record of this.) Fairchild Teletypesetter Operating Units for Linotype Machines says "since 1933," which is close.

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