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A miscellany of images of Teletypestter, Fairchild Teletypesetter, and related images.

1. Teletypesetter and 6-level tape in for an APS-2

Below is a PDP-8 computer in rackmount configuration with a TC01 DECtape controller and two TU55 DECtape magnetic tape drives. (I am indebted to Doug Jones of the "Greenkeys" Teletype enthusiasts' mailing list, who is restoring a PDP-8, for the positive identification of this machine and its configuration.) It was located (when this photograph was taken) in a newspaper in Parkersburg, WV in the 1970s. The terminal to the left is a Teletype Model 33 ASR. The paper tape drive on the table has not yet been identified, but I think that it is the same 6-level tape reader shown in the second photograph below. I'm pretty sure that this PDP-8 is being used as a part of an APS-2 photocomposing system.

(I do not believe that the unit in the coner at the left side of the photograph is associated with this system (instead, I think that it is the back side of a Mergenthaler Linofilm keyboard). The unusually wide scrap of tape underneath the PDP-8 table is 15-level Mergenthaler Linofilm paper tape.)

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(The image above links to a 2048 pixel wide cropped JPEG version of this photograph, which should be sufficient for ordinary purposes. Here is the 1200dpi RGB PNG original scan (146 Megabytes): pdp-8-computer-used-in-APS-phototypesetter-parkersburg-wv-1200rgb.png)

The photograph below is from the same newspaper operation. These operators in the photograph above are working at Fairchild Light Touch 1035 Multiface Perforators. They're punching 6-level Teletypesetter tape. Now, given that we know nothing more about the setup, this tape could be the input to many different systems (including a conventional TTS-controlled Linotype). But the fact that the same tape readers are located on both the shelf above them and the PDP-8's table suggests that this is a part of the same operation. We know from Phillips that the APS-2 could receive input from "IBM compatible magnetic tape or 5, 6, or 8 channel paper tape" ( {Phillips 1968}, p. 567)

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(Here's the original 1200dpi RGB PNG (155 Megabytes): fairchild-multiface-teletypesetter-perforator-parkersburg-wv-1200rgb.png)

Note: These photographs are from a set of four that I acquired showing 1970s era operation at this newspaper. For the others, see:

2. Notes and References

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