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image link-topic-sf0.jpg

From [Mergenthaler Linotype Company] Useful Matrix Information. (Brooklyn, NY: Mergenthaler Linotype Company, October 1937). Page 270, Figure 2-20. Scanned by the author from the original.

This book was published before 1978 without copyright notice and therefore passed into the public domain upon publication.

This illustration shows the leftmost section of a Linotype distributor bar (this would be the same for all 90-channel and 72-channel magazines (or similar, without the channel 0 for extra 'e' matrices) and the Intertype versions of the same). The black areas denote portions of the distributor bar where rails are present, the white areas portions where rails are absent. Rails are numbered from top to bottom, 1 through 7. Thus, for example, a matrix with teeth only in positions 1 and 2 (presumably a regular lowercase 'e') would fall off the distributor bar at the position indicated as "e 1" in the diagram.

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