Hill-Curtis / Hammond

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1. Manufacturer's Literature

The Hill-Curtis Company of Kalamazoo, Michigan, became Hammond Machinery Builders in the 1920s. Hill-Curtis TrimOsaw evolved into the the Hammond Glider Trim-O-Saw, perhaps the finest printer's saw ever made.

Note: Daniel Petrzelka has several Hammond Trim-O-Saw manuals and a Parts List on his site: www.petrzelka.com

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TrimOsaw Operating Instructions (1926?)

A booklet of Operating Instructions covering the A-3, A-1, J-10 ("Junior"), and "Ben Franklin" TrimOsaw models, by the Hill-Curtis Company. Undated, but coded "11-26", so probably November, 1926. Thanks are due to Greg Fischer ("The Linofish") for preserving this and making it available.

(Note: The cover of this book is a rather old, dull brown/grey. If it displays in a sort of horrid greenish hue, that's a bug in the most common commercial PDF viewer, not the file itself.)

2. Suppliers' Catalogs

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WNU Catalogue No. 53: Glider

Western Newspaper Union Catalogue No. 53: p. 50, Hammond Glider Trim-O-Saw and accessories.

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WNU Catalogue No. 53: Mercury and Ben Franklin

Western Newspaper Union Catalogue No. 53: p. 50, Hammond Mercury and Ben Franklin Trim-O-Saws.

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