The Printer's Saw

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(See also the Notebooks on The Printer's Saw in the Introduction II - Surveys of the Equipment . set of Notebooks.)

Daniel Petrzelka has manuals and parts lists for various Hammond saws on his website,

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C & G / Morrison

The C & G (later Morrison) saws made by the Milwaukee Saw Trimmer Corp. and (later) the Morrison Company. The patents of Edward Cheshire. The C&G saws are unusual among printer's saws because their table is stationary (like the table of an ordinary table saw).

C&G/Morrison also made combination routers, type-high machines, jigsaws, and broaching machines.

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Hill-Curtis /Hammond

The TrimOsaw (later "Trim-O-Saw") as manufactured by the Hill-Curtis Company (which became Hammond Machinery Builders) of Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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The Miller Saw-Trimmer Company (Pittsburgh).

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Monomelt Parts and Attachments

Parts and attachments manufactured by the Monomelt Company for the Miller Saw-Trimmer and other makes of printer's saws.

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The C. B. Nelson & Company (Chicago) "Cost Cutter" line of printer's saws.

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The Printer's Saws at CircuitousRoot

[NOT DONE] Hammond Glider, C&G/Morrison, Miller, Cost Cutters.

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