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Considered Historically

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1. Introduction

The Inland Printer ran from 1883 to 2011 and was the most important periodical of the printing industry in America.

For digital reprints of The Inland Printer, and a summary (with references) of its name changes over its long history, see ../../../../ General Literature -> Periodicals -> The Inland Printer [NOTE (2014-01): nothing actually reprinted there yet]

2. Chronologies

Name Changes (see reprints for references):

Address changes:

(The gaps in the address listing above are due to gaps in my own run of The Inland Printer. I've stopped with 309 West Jackson in 1940 because the magazine was sold in 1941 (at which time it was still at 309 West Jackson Blvd.) I'm not sure that it makes sense to track its location after it ceased to be an independent publication.)

3. Buildings

3.1. Sherman Street

Here is the building at 120-130 Sherman Street in 1911, at a time when it was leased by the Henry O. Shepard Co. and housed The Inland Printer. During the period from 1903 to 1928/9 when the magazine was located here this modest structure was one of the most important buildings in the American printing industry. I am indebted to Jackson Cavanaugh of Okay Type in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago for locating this image.

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This illustration appeared as an advertisement for the "Inland-Walton Engraving Company" in The Inland Printer of March, 1911 (Vol. 46, No. 6), p. 843. It had run (with the same cut) once earlier (in February 1911, p. 750). By April 1911 (Vol. 47, No. 1), when it ran one last time, a line "The Henry O. Shepard Co. Engraving Department, Successor" appeared beneath it.

(The renumbering of 120-130 Sherman to 632 appeared in the masthead of the April 1911 number, but was not immediately reflected in the April 1911 final appearance of this ad.)

The version of this illustration here was digitized by Google from the University of Michigan copy and is available via The Hathi Trust (Hathi ID: mdp.39015086781427).

The permit for this building was issued November 22, 1902 to James A. Patten (a commodities trader). The building was designed by Henry Ives Cobb (who also designed the Newberry Library's building). It is an unassuming small commercial building, but the design is finely done; pay close attention to the modulation of detail on the facade. It was demolished in 1938. { American Contractor 1902} {ArtIC 1900} Sherman Street was renamed Financial Place in 1983. {Chicago CC 1983} The site of this building is now a parking lot.

To put this building in geographical context, here is a cropped portion of a 1916 "panoramic map" of the "Chicago Central Business Section" published by Arno B. Reincke. {Reincke 1916}

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632 South Sherman Street (formerly 120-130) is marked as "The Hen. O. Shepard Co." on Sherman St. just above the railroad tracks on the center left. Here it is in a more tightly cropped view:

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Here it is as it appears today - a parking lot on South Financial Place.

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(From a Google Maps "street view." Copyright 2012 by Google.)

4. Notes and References

{American Contractor} The contents of the "Chicago Building Permit" column of American Contractor for the period 1898-1912 have been entered into a database by the Chicago Historical Society:

Searching that database confirms the statement in {ArtIC 1900} that a permit for a building at 120-130 Sherman Street was issued to James A. Patten on November 22, 1902 for a building to be designed by Henry Ives Cobb.

{ArtIC 1900} A page with the Art Institute of Chicago's web pages on the architect Henry Ives Cobb listing his "Commercial 1900- and undate" work, at has this to say [commas and periods as in the origina]:

"The building permit for this first Patten structure, at 624-632 S. Financial Pl. (originally 120-130 Sherman St.), is documented in American Contractor's Chicago building permit database, November 22, 1902, (p. 22). Barely a month later a second parmit was issued on January 3, 1903 (p.3 5) for the adjacent lot to the north at 618-620 S. Financial Pl. (originally 114-116 Sherman St.). The six-story building at 624-623 S. Financial Pl. was demolished in 1938..."

[ Typographical Journal 1915} [section in the "From Local Unions" column of] Typographical Journal (Vol. 47, No. 3 (Sept. 1915)): 376.

"It is reported that the Henry O. Shepard Company and the Inland Printer Company have purchased twenty thousand square feet of land at the northwest corner of Washington Boulevard and Elizabeth street. Plans will be perfected for a modern steel structure as a home for the printing departments of the Inland Printer and the various other Shepard publications, including the Business Equipment Journal, The Dial, and the Extension Magazine. The reported consideration, $90,000 cash, sets a new high mark in Washington boulevard values, east of Ashland Boulevard. While the Shepart company has a long-time lease on the six-story building at 632 Sherman street, it was deemed advisable to obtain ground for larger quarters close to the loop district before real estate values for manufacturing sites became extortionate." (p. 376)

{Chicago CC 1983} An ordinance, "Portion of S. Sherman St. Renamed 'S. Financial Place." passed July 27, 1983 by the City Council of the City of Chicago. This renamed S. Sherman between W. Jackson and W. Taylor to S. Financial Place. It was published in the Journal of the Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Chicago , Regular Meeting - Wednesday, July 27, 1983 at 10:00 A.M. Here is an extract of the two pages (975-976) which contain this ordinance: chicago-city-council-proceedings-1983-07-27-pp975-976-img296-297-sherman-street-renamed-financial-place.pdf

{ Industrial Chicago 1891} Industrial Chicago (Chicago: Goodspeed Publishing Co., 1891): 167.

{Reincke 1916} This map appeared in at least three versions, all of which have been digitized by the US Library of Congress. This one is:

LC Cat No. 76693072, Cal No. "G4104.C6A3 1916 .R41", digital ID "g4104c pm00155". This is online at either or

For a presentation and comparison of all three versions, see the CircuitousRoot Notebook on City Research: Chicago

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