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1. Introduction

Very little is known about this machine. It is not mentioned at all in Richard E. Huss' comprehensive survey of The Development of Printers' Mechanical Typesetting Methods. {Huss 1973} Millar's GB and US patents are cited in the patent lists in {Thompson 1904} and {Legros & Grant}, but they do not discuss this machine. It is referenced by Munson's 1881 keyboard "selecting device" patent.

2. Literature

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GB Patent 1,899 of 1874

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US Patent 168,044 (1875)

US patent 168,044, "Improvement in Type-Setting Machines." Issued 1875-09-21 to Adam Millar, of Holborn, England. Filed 1874-11-02.

3. Notes and References

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{Thompson 1904} Thompson, John S. History of Composing Machines. (Chicago: Inland Printer Company, 1904.)

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