[US] Schroeder & Werner

Commercial Matrix Engravers

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1. Overview

Founded either in 1888 [1] or 1889 [4] by Gustav F. Schroder and Nicholas J. Werner. when they left the Central Type Foundry. Located in St. Louis. Not a typefoundry, but a commercial matrix engraving firm. Perhaps the best-known face that they cut in partnership was DeVinne (a Schroeder design) under contract to Central.

Schroeder purchased the Central Type Foundry Pantograph and also commissioned a new machine, the Schroeder-Boyer Pantograph.

In 1891 this partnership was dissolved and Shroeder moved to California. [4] The dissolution of this partnership appears to have been amicable, and a result of Schroeder's desire to move to California and Werner's desire to remain in St. Louis. Werner speaks highly and warmly of Schroeder in his later accounts.

Schroeder continued as an independent matrix engraver working in California.

The basic information comes from the biographical sketches of Schroeder and Werner in Loy. [4] There is also interesting information in three articles by Werner written between 1927 and 1932. [1] [2] [3]

2. Notes

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