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ATF 2020 Announcement

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UPDATE, April 22, 2020

Due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic, we have postponed the ATF Conference to 2021.

March 2, 2020.

These Workshop Updates are mostly for the benefit of my friends, and all of my friends know that I'm heavily involved in typefounding: the making of letterpress printing type in all of its diversity.

The organization that has been at the heart of this since (just before) the demise of typefounding and hot metal composition in the late 20th century has been the American Typecasting Fellowship. It's an amazing group. It has no formal existence; it's just a group of friends. But these are the people who have kept real type alive.

The ATF has held a Conference every other year since 1978. At my first, in 2010, my life changed. I never thought, then, that a dozen years later I would be co-hosting one. It is both a great honor and absolutely terrifying.

It's happening soon: Thursday July 30 through Sunday August 2 of this year (with extra, optional, Technical Sessions on Wednesday July 29). It will be here in southwestern Wisconsin, at the workshops of my good friends Sara and Ky Wrzesinski and at my own shop. Tech sessions, workshop open houses, demonstrations, show-and-tell, a day of talks and presentations, the swap meet, a banquet, and a picnic. Above all it is the opportunity to build community. In any ATF Conference, the conversations are the most important part.

If you're on the ATF Newsletter mailing list, your official invitation and registration form have already been mailed. If you are not currently part of the ATF but are interested in attending, please contact us at:


Online registration through an event service will be available soon, linked from the ATF website (see below).

Here's the lovely "Save the Date" card that Sara designed and printed. It has, I think, a quite classic and American feel to it; very Midwestern. And I didn't even know that Tempo had swash characters! Yes, Tempo - it was used so often because it works.

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Also, the ATF now has its own website. Admittedly, it is a very small website at present (it probably never will be large, but I do plan to put up a complete archive of past numbers of the ATF Newsletter).


Finally, an apology to my friends: From now until August 2, I'm going to be a bit busy. For the week after August 2, I'm going to be asleep.

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The 2020 ATF Conference announcement card is copyright © 2020 by Sara Wrzesinski on behalf of the American Typecasting Fellowship. License: CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0