Making is Thinking¹

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Preliminary Studies

On Method. Drafting & Drawing. Measurement. History of Technology. On the Reverse Engineering of Big Old Machines. [Optics & Photography.] [Safety.] [Solvents; Basic Hydrocarbon Chemistry.] Lubricants and Coolants. [Workshops.] [link to Cutting Tool Geometry.] Research Tools. Research Sources and Workshop Resources. Also, alas, [Computer Programming.]

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Basic Materials

Abrasives. [Ceramics and Crucibles.] [Plaster.] [Smelting Metals.] Lubricants and Coolants. Plastics. [Chemistry.] Formed and Component Materials.

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Basic Processes

[Casting.] Metalsmithing. Fitting & Mechanics. [Soldering, Brazing, and Welding.] [Machining.] Sheet Metal / Conduit. [Electrical Work.]

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Typefounding & Lettering & Printing, [Model Engineering.] Telegraphy. Electrical Components. [Steam.] Horology. [Rail.] [Sculpture.] [On Divers Arts.]

CircuitousRoot project organization.

Open Source Hardware on CircuitousRoot.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The writings here are NOT instructional material. They are not intended to teach, and I do not suggest that you do any of the things I write about. I can't stop you if you should choose to do so, but if you do, you bear full responsibility for your actions, and I disclaim all responsibility for your actions. In addition to these legal disclaimers, please see my short essay On Notebooks and Technical Autobiography " for a discussion of what these "Notebooks" really are.

It would be far better to use your equipment as an instrument of design, to give your designs freely and to take friendship in return. If your growing circle of friends does not quickly convince you of the value of this attitude you may be sure you are mis-spending your leisure and that your talent lies elsewhere. - John Ryder. Printing for Pleasure.
¹Making is thinking. - Richard Sennett. The Craftsman.

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