Carl Purington Rollins

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1. Introduction

Printer, educator, writer. Printer to Yale University.

Alexander Lawson wrote a biographical sketch of Rollins on the anniversary of Rollins' death. This has been reprinted in the Alexander Lawson Archive at http://www.lawsonarchive/november-20/

2. Writing By Rollins

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"American Type Designers..." (1947)

In 1947, R. R. Donnelley & Sons Company (founded in 1864 and still a major printing company today) held an exibition on the subject of "American Type Designers and Their Work" at the offices of their prestige imprint, The Lakeside Press, in Chicago. For this exhibition, Carl Purington Rollins wrote an essay (of the same title) and prepared a list of "American Type Designers and their Type Faces." The set of documents reprinted here comprises the four-page advertising flyer for the exhibition, together with Rollins' article and list (which were printed together). This particular copy was sent originally to the Indian typefounder Arvind Patel a decade after the exhibition (postmarked July 5, 1957). I have included a scan of the envelope for this, as it is a part of the history of this document. (Note: the name on this envelope is typed as "Ervind," but I believe that the correct spelling was "Arvind.")

The image above left links to these documents as hosted at The Internet Archive, where they may be read online. Here is a local copy of the PDF (304 Megabytes): donnelley-rollins-american-type-designers-and-their-work-1947-0600rgbjpg.pdf

This 1947 compilation ("American Type Designers and Their Type Faces") is the original source for most subsequent attributions of particular types to particular designers for the first half of the 20th century. As such, even though it is almost unknown, it may well be the most often (indirectly) cited publication in the history of 20th century type.

Both the essay and the list were reprinted in Print, Vol. 5, No. 4 (1948): 1-20 ( see below).

His essay in this work ("American Type Designers and Their Work") is also a concise summary of 20th century attitudes toward both the advent of machine methods in type-making and 19th century display types. This essay (without the list) was reprinted in the popular anthology Books and Printing: A Treasury for Typophiles edited by Paul A. Bennett (Cleveland: The World Publishing Company, [1951 or 1952; my copy is the "Forum" imprint paperback reprint of 1963.])

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"American Type Designers..." (1948)

Rollins, Carl Purington. "American Type Designers and Their Work." Print. Vol. 5, No. 4 (1948): 1-20. This is a reprint of much of the material in Rollins' 1947 literature for the Lakeside/Donnelley exhibition (see above) .

Note that this article by Rollins is at the present time often being mis-cited as either " Print, No. 4" or " Print, Vol. 4, #1". Both of these citations are incorrect.

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