ATF 1923 Specimen Book and Catalog

Pages 429-443: Shaded Faces

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1. Shaded Faces (Pages 429-443)

1.1. [Cheltenham Shaded Faces] (Pages 429-435)

See also Cheltenham elsewhere in this book:

Here, in one single file, is the entire Cheltenham Shaded section (pp. 429-435). It is not small (41 Megabytes): atf-1923-0600rgb-0429-0435-cheltenham-shaded.pdf

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Page 429 - Shaded Faces

This is the introductory page for the Shaded Faces section. It is set in Cheltenham Bold with Haftel Ornament No. 7207 (see page 717).

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Page 430 - Cheltenham Bold Shaded

ATF Series No. 76.

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Page 431 - Cheltenham Bold Italic Shaded

ATF Series No. 74.

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Pages 432-433 - Cheltenham Bold Shaded and Italic

Two pages of example showings of these faces. Designs use [unidentified ornament, p. 432], Haftel Border (see p. 670), Floral Decorators (No. 6047, see p. 755), Floral Decorators (No. 7219, see p. 754), Cloister Ornaments (No. 3656, see p. 725), American Borders (Nos. 623 and 1205, see p. 695), and Haftel Ornaments (No. 6002, see p. 717).

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Pages 434-435 - Cheltenham Extrabold Shaded

ATF Series No. 78. Page 434 is a standard specimen of the family member. Page 435 is a showing of its use in two example designs. These employ Engravers Borders (18 pt., No. 1801, see p. 667).

1.2. Antique Shaded (Pages 436-437)


1.3. Bodoni Bold Shaded (Page 438)


1.4. Franklin Gothic Condensed Shaded (Page 439)


1.5. Roycroft Tinted (Page 440)


1.6. Curtis-Post (Page 441)


1.7. Washington Text Shaded (Pages 442-443)


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