ATF 1923 Specimen Book and Catalog

Pages 96-129: Cheltenham Family, Main Section

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1. Cheltenham Family, Main Section (Pages 96-129)

See Cheltenham Families in the CircuitousRoot Typeface Index ( in ../../../../../ Making Printing Matrices & Types -> Type & Type-Making History and Design -> Typeface Index -> C).

See also Cheltenham elsewhere in this book:

Index of Cheltenham Family members by series number:

Note that the following Cheltenham variants identified in McGrew were not ATF:

Here, in one single file, is the entire main Cheltenham section (pages 96-129). It is large (209 Megabytes): atf-1923-0600rgb-0096-0129-cheltenham-main.pdf

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Page 96 - Cheltenham Oldstyle

ATF Series No. 87.

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Page 97 - Cheltenham Italic

ATF Series No. 82.

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Page 98 - Cheltenham Medium

ATF Series No. 83.

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Page 99 - Cheltenham Medium Italic

ATF Series No. 84. Non-kerning.

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Page 100 - Cheltenham Wide

ATF Series No. 89.

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Pages 101-108 - The Incomparable Cheltenham Family

An 8-page folding spread set in various member of the Cheltenham family. The order here, while in correct numeric page order, is misleading. The reader of the physical volume first encounters page 101. Upon turning this page, pages 102 and 107 appear (but these two pages are not unified into a single spread). Page 102 folds out to the left, revealing a unified two-page spread, pages 103-104, advertising ATF Kelly presses. Page 107 folds out to the right, revealing two separate pages (105, 106) with several showings of material set in Cheltenham family members. Finally, folding everything back up and proceeding, page 108 appears last.

The designs use Celtic Borders (see page 645), American Borders (probably Nos. 301, 305, and 306, see p. 693), Jacquish Brass Rule Ornaments (see page 708), Antique Ornament (No. 9601, mortised, see page 712), American Borders (No. 322, see page 695), Vocational Cameos (No. 8401, hourglass, see page 719 and No. 8413, theater masks page 721), American Borders (No. 1209, see page 697), Ovolo Borders (see page 632), Roters Illustrators (No. 7218, see page 728), American Borders (No. 311, see page 693), Vocational Cameos (No. 6004, ink balls and composing stick, and No. 8402, open book, see page 719), Vocational Cameos (No. 4808, iron handpress, see page 720), [an unspecified traditional flower on p. 106; might be Goudy Paragraph Terminals, see page 710)], Litholine and Lithodot Brass Rule (see pages 828-832), Antique Borders No. 1 (see page 672), Jacquish Brass Rule Ornaments, again (see page 708), and Vanity Initials (Y5, see page 774).

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Page 109 - Cheltenham Oldstyle Condensed

ATF Series No. 88. Shown with a design which includes Roters Illustrators (No. 14,436, see page 728) and Typotect Border No. 1 (see page 673).

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Page 110 - Cheltenham Medium Expanded

ATF Series No. 86. Shown with a design which includes Panel Borders (No. 76, see page 675).

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Page 111 - Cheltenham Medium Condensed

ATF Series No. 85. Shown with a design which includes Cleland Ornaments (No. 7227, see page 716).

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Page 112 - Cheltenham Bold

ATF Series No. 67.

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Page 113 - Cheltenham Bold Italic

ATF Series No. 73.

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Page 114 - Cheltenham Bold Condensed

ATF Series No. 68.

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Page 115 - Cheltenham Bold Condensed Italic

ATF Series No. 69.

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Page 116 - Cheltenham Bold Extended

ATF Series No. 72.

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Page 117 - Cheltenham Extrabold

ATF Series No. 77.

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Page 118 - Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed

ATF Series No. 70.

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Page 119 - Showing (Oldstyle & Bold Ex. Cond.)

Showings set in Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed and Cheltenham Oldstyle. The designs use Hylite Borders (No. 5, see p. 675) and Cloister Ornaments (No. 4812, see p. 723).

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Page 120 - Cheltenham Bold Extra Condensed Title

ATF Series No. 71.

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Pages 121-124 - Cheltenham Inline Designs

Four pages showing samples set using Cheltenham Inline members of the family (for which, see below). Also showing Rosa Border (No. 3, see p. 626), a Vocational Cameo (No. 8408 (of an iron handpress), see p. 720), an Orphic Spot ornament (No. 6005, see p. 734; "for society printing"), and another Vocational Cameo (No. 8404 (ink balls and composing stick), see p. 719).

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Page 125 - Cheltenham Inline Extra Condensed

ATF Series No. 81.

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Page 126 - Cheltenham Inline

ATF Series No. 79.

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Page 127 - Cheltenham Inline Extended

ATF Series No. 80.

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Pages 128-129 - Cheltenham Bold Outline

ATF Series No. 75. Page 128 is a standard specimen of the family member. Page 129 is a showing of its use in two example designs. These use Rosa Border (No. 8, see p. 626), Vanity Initial (Y2, see p. 776), and Roters Illustrators (No. 10,819, see p. 730).

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