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(wood type)

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1870. Wood type. Page. Unrelated to the Aldine (in metal) of Farmer. Shown by { Kelly, p. 265} and { Loy/Johnston/Saxe, p. 88}.

US design patent no. 3,905. "Design for Type." Issued 1870-03-15 to William H. Page. Assigned to William H. Page & Co. The patent identifies the style as "Aldine Ornamented," but shows two faces (which became Aldine and Aldine Ornamented). These were designed to be printed either independently or overlaid in colors.

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Aldine Expanded

{ Kelly} shows this on p. 264 as cut by Hamilton.

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Aldine [even more] Expanded

In his discussion of Aldine Expanded, { Kelly, p. 264} mentions an "even more expanded" version cut by Morgan & Wilcox.

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Aldine Ornamented

See Aldine, above. According to its patent, Aldine Ornamented was designed to be printed either on its own or overlaid in color with Aldine. Shown by { Kelly, p. 266} and { Loy/Johnston/Saxe, p. 88}.

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