Lining Regal Italic No. 2 (ATF)

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ATF. 1906. A lining plate gothic with a lowercase (lining in the bottom position only, I think).

See Regal Italic (ATF) for a discussion of whether or not this was a lining face. [1] My current guess is that both Regal Italic and Lining Regal Italic No. 2 were lining faces (lining at the bottom only) and that the designation " Lining Regal Italic No. 2" was because the face was re-aligned to fit with ATF's American Lining System. Designating it as a separate face would be important, as the re-aligned Lining Regal Italic No. 2 would not (if I am correct) line with the older Regal Italic.

1. Notes

1. Confusingly, the term "lining" can indicate either of two things:

A lining face may or may not be a part of a lining system.

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