Brooks ("Brooks-Stent")

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This is a shop-made tool cutter-grinder described originally in a pair of articles by Derek Brooks in the English magazine Model Engineers' Workshop, No. 16 (April/May 1993), pp. 60-65, and No. 17 (June/July 1993), pp. 22-25. If you seek these articles and cannot find back issues, they are available as a part of the digital archive provided to current subscribers to the magazine.

A thread on the "Home Shop Machinist" bulletin board, contains several interesting bits of information about this machine. In this thread, user "lazlo" (posting on 2009-02-07) notes that he was the one who called this machine a "Brooks-Stent," because "Derek Brooks designed it as a Stent made from weldments [not castings]."

John Moran ( GadgetBuilder) says of this machine "Conceptually, the Brooks-Stent is a surface grinder with a very small work envelope and table X-Y controls appropriate for cutter grinding." He has an extensive web-page devoted to constructing it: "" (there is a space in "Brooks Grinder").

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