F. E. Reed Lathes

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(Several years ago, I rescued (from a Chicago basement that was really rather scary, now that I think back on it) a lathe that otherwise was headed to scrap. It might be a Reed, but I'm not yet certain. See the entry on the Unidentified Bench Lathe (Maybe Reed?) in the Notebook of Machine Tools at CircuitousRoot. )

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Lathes. F. E. Reed & Co.

A catalog of lathes made by F. E. Reed & Company of Worcester, MA, USA. This catalog bears no date, but an analysis of the contents of this catalog done on the Vintage Machinery page for F. E. Reed & Co. indicates that it must postdate 1891 and predate 1908.

The original document is a booklet, without covers, about 164 mm wide and 111 mm tall (6 1/2 inches x 4 5/16 inches). It is in poor condition. In the images it is evident where the original staples rusted away and destroyed the paper around them.

The image above links to a presentation of this booklet at The Internet Archive, where it may be read online. Here is a local copy of the PDF (63 Megabytes): reedlathes-0600greyjpg.pdf

Note: I first reprinted this catalog several years ago, on a previous version of my website, at: http://www.marcdatabase.com/~lemur/lemur.com/library-of-antiquarian-technology/machine-shop/reedlathes/index.html As of 2015, that version was (surprisingly) still online. You should, however, cite and link to the version here. There are two reasons for this. First, the old version on marcdatabase.com will disappear at some point (I don't even have access to that site any more, and have no control over it). Second, in the version here the scans have been re-processed and are presented at a higher resolution (and in more convenient form as a single PDF rather than a series of images).

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Rose (1906)

Chapter 6, "The Lathe," from Joshua Rose's Modern Machine Shop Practice, Third Edition (NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1899).

The third edition of Rose' Modern Machine Shop Practice contains several Plates with technical drawings of F. E. Reed lathes. All three editions contain cuts illustrating lathes which were supplied by the Reed company, but only the third contains these Plates.

The third edition of this work has been digitized by Google at least twice (the 1899 New York Public Library copy, Google Books ID LyVRAAAAYAAJ and the 1906 Pennsylvania State University copy, Google Books ID H1I6AQAAMAAJ). The icon at left links to a PDF of this chapter, extracted from the Google digitization of the NYPL copy. It is 20 Megabytes in size. For completeness, here is a local copy of the entire volume (87 Megabytes): rose-1899-3ed-v1-modern-machine-shop-practice-google-LyVRAAAAYAAJ-nypl.pdf

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