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1. Scope

The Ludlow Typograph Company was of course best known for their noncomposing linecaster, The Ludlow Typograph (q.v.), and for their stripcaster, The Elrod. While the Ludlow Typograph and the Elrod complemented the Linotype and Intertype, the Ludlow company didn't do much with the composing linecaster area itself. One exception was the Swiftape.

2. The Ludlow Swiftape

See also the Tape-Control Cross Reference.

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Swiftape: Practical Answer...

Swiftape: Practical Answer to High-Speed Justified Tape Production . (Chicago: Ludlow Typograph Company, [no date]).

The icon at left links to a presentation of this document at The Internet Archive. Here is a local copy of the PDF (313 Megabytes): ludlow-swiftape-practical-answer.pdf

See also the brochure " Three New Product Developments from Ludlow"

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