On Drawing Slowly

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Drafting and Me

I've always rather enjoyed drafting, but I'm not a professional. This is a part of my hobby. It is, however, a field in which professional standards matter. If you've just stumbled across these drafting-related notebooks, here are some cautionary notes.

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First Division: My Digital Drafting Tools

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Reviewing the Options

Reviewing the options for digital drafting and modeling. Every six months or so, for at least the last fifteen years, I've trolled the shallows of digital drafting and modeling alternatives. I've yet to find anything satisfactory that is available to anyone but the wealthy.

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The "crt" Drawing Sizes

The quaint and curious (and entirely nonstandard) drawing sizes I use for 2-d digital drafting.

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"crt" Drawing & Illustration Frames

DXF templates for my drawing frames.

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LibreCAD Miscellany

LibreCAD built-in stroke lettering fonts, by example. ASME Y14.5M-1994 symbols.

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Second Division: Studies in Drafting and Drawing

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Drawing Instruments

Physical (non-computer) drawing tools and their use.

Keuffel & Esser Compensating Polar Planimeters manual.

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Drawing Studies

Working through topics in drafting and drawing, both antiquarian and contemporary, using tools equally ancient and modern.

The history and bibliography of geometric methods in dimensioning and tolerancing.

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CircuitousRoot Drawing Practices

[NOTHING ONLINE YET] The CircuitousRoot "house style." My own notes on how I do things on my own hobby drawings. These are not necessarily the ways you should do things.

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An index into engineering drawings and models, old and new, made, reprinted by or simply hosted on CircuitousRoot. Excludes examples contained in reprinted books.

Links to external collections of engineering drawings, with (of course) an emphasis on older material.

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Bibliography & Reprinted Literature

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