Matrix Data, Specimens, & Typography (US)

Lanston Monotype Machine Company

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Note: This Notebook covers Lanston Monotype Machine Company matrix and typographical topics insofar as they are concerned with composition (cellular) matrices and their types at least in part. In other words, if the document or subject covers just composition mats, or both composition and display, it's here. If it covers only display, it is not. For Lanston display matrix/type information, see ../../../ Noncomposing Typecasters -> Foundry Specimens & Typography -> Lanston Monotype Machine Company. (I've put it in with the typefoundries, even though Lanston was a matrix and composing machine maker, because people tend to think of type in terms of typeface first (ignoring type technologies.))

See also the List of All Type Specimen and Matrix Information on CircuitousRoot for non-Lanston-Monotype material.

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Type Series Lists and Indexes

Lists published by Lanston, bibliography for other published lists, and my own composite list.

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A Composite Specimen

A composite of all of the Lanston Monotype specimen pages I can find, as if it were a single specimen book.

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Other Specimens

Links to, and sometimes copies of, other Lanston Monotype specimens available freely online.

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Matrix and Case Arrangement Information

Matrix technical information. Matrix case arrangements.

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Advertising and Promotional Material

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Typographical Education


But note that typography as a subject (sometimes with useful details of typefaces and ornaments used) appeared in other Lanston publications such as Monotype: A Journal of Composing Room Efficiency .

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