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As a typefounder and linecaster, my organization is naturally by machine and process rather than by type design. This means that the information on type design, reprints of specimen books (and links to online specimen books), and matrix information is distributed throughout CircuitousRoot on the basis of the machinery used to produce the type (Linotype, Intertype, Ludlow, Thompson, foundry typecaster, etc.)

Here are links to the various places in which this type and matrix material appears on CircuitousRoot:

Typeface Index and Specimen Bibliography




Ruleform Composition:

Note that the ruling of paper was generally not done typographically, but rather by pen-based paper ruling machines (of which the best known were those by Hickok).

Stereotyping, Electrotyping, and Photoengraving Specimens:

And of course:

Typographic Instruction and Examples:

Survey and List Notebooks:

Non-Typographical Lettering and Ornaments Elsewhere on CircuitousRoot:

And generally see the super-category Typefounding, Lettering & Printing.

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