Reid Surface Grinders

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1. Literature

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Models 2-B & 2-C Parts List

Instruction Book and Parts List [Reid Models 2-B Automatic and 2-C Hand-Feed Surface Grinders] (Beverly, MA: Reid Brothers Company, Inc., n.d.] This has been reprinted and is available on ebay. I got my copy from Ozark Woodworking, if I recall. It is a serviceable reprint, but the basic document really isn't very good. It does include some important lubrication information, though. Mostly it's an illustrated parts list.

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[Brochure, Models 612 & 618]

Reid Precision Surface Grinders. (Beverly, MA: Reid Brothers Company, Inc., n.d.) The printing code on this document is "1163," but it is unlikely that this indicates a date in 1963, as the brochure covers the Model 612-SG Indexing Slicer and Grinder, indended for slicing silicon wafers; this probably indicates a later date. This is a four-page sales brochure covering various versions of the Model 612 and 618 ("612" indicates a 6x12" workpiece (7x14" table travel) and "618" a 6x18" workpiece (7x20" table travel.)) These were successors to the Models 2-C and 2-B. This sales document was intended to be included in a large binder of literature for use by machinery resellers, and was removed from such a binder by the person I bought it from on ebay.

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