Research Sources and Artificers' Resources

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"David, you have 'a few' books like China has 'a few' people." - RFA. [personal communication].
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Artificers' Bibliographies

Useful books and sources.

A Sam Brown bibliography [IN-PROCESS].

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On Writing for the Technical Enthusiast

[NOT DONE] This could just as easily have been in the Workshops -> Workshop Philosophy section.

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Important Texts

Anyone with an interest in antiquarian technology will inevitably deal over and over with a few very basic, very good older texts: Moxon, Holtzapffel, Diderot & d'Alembert, older ICS textbooks, etc. If you don't know about them, you should (and are in for a treat). But some of them remain unnecessarily difficult to find and access.

These Notebooks also contain a warning about Undetectable Data Corruption with JB2/JBIG2 Formats. Google Books and other digitization projects which use these formats are corrupting our heritage of texts - and we won't even be aware that it has happened.