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The Linotype Parts Company, which adopted a "Star" as its trademark, was the largest independent maker of Linotype and Intertype compatible parts. They later renamed themselves "Star Parts" after their trademark, and are best known as Star Parts by the last generation of Linotype machinists.

1. Catalogs


2. Periodical or Serial Literature

(Named series, but not uniform series of advertising cards.)

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Machinist's Helper

So far just:

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Shop Talk

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"Form" Series Index

3. Individual Products

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"Minor" Products

The distinction between a "major" and a "minor" product is of course entirely subjective. The "minor" products here tend to be individual parts or attachments for the machines. The "major" products below tend to be complete systems or complex subsystems (such as the Quadders) or well-known standalone devices (such as the Matrix Repair Tool).

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Electric Pot

Also M-44 Microstat controller.

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Matrix Repair Tool

The Linotype Parts Company leaflet "Machinist Helper No. 68." Also the relevant page from the 1956 Star Parts catalog.

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Metal Feeder

For literature on the Star Feeder, see the Metal Feeders Notebooks in the Common Casting Equipment section (the icon at left links "up and over" to those Notebooks).

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The first Star quadder of which I have evidence was introduced in 1949. This evolved into a range of quadders (there was no single "Star Quadder") for various purposes. This Notebook collects Operator's Manuals, Maintenance Manuals, and Parts Catalogs for various models, as well as some advertising and catalog material.

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Star Teletypesetter & Tape Automation

Autosetter. Autoperf

Note also that later Quadders had features for integration with Star Teletypesetter-compatible equipment. Star also made TTS unit-system matrices.

4. Price Lists and Order Forms

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Price Lists

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Order Forms

5. Engineering Data

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Engineering Drawings & Data

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