Ludlow Literature

Typograph, Supersurfacer, and Related

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1. Scope

The principal product of the Ludlow Typograph Company was, of course, the Ludlow Typograph (the subject of this present section). In the absence of further qualification, if you speak of "the Ludlow" you probably mean the Ludlow Typograph Machine. Ludlow also produced one machine auxiliary to the Ludlow Typograph, the Ludlow Supersurfacer (also considered here).

The Ludlow Typograph Company also manufactured the very successful Elrod Strip-Casting Machine, which is covered under Strip-Casters.

In addition, the Ludlow company also developed several other machines and systems which were less successful. These are covered elsewhere, and included:

The patent record also indicates that they were involved with other projects which did not come to market.

2. Literature by Type

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Journals and Compilations

Reprint of The Ludlow Quarterly

Information about the Chayts' Ludlow Anthology and Parrish's The Ludlow System (the latter still available from Dave and Beth Seat, Hot Metal Services ).

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William A. Reade: 1866-1930. McMurtrie. Notes on the History of the Ludlow (1936). Dunham. "History and Development of the Ludlow Typograph" (1950).

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Sales and Technical Marketing

In addition to more or less ordinary sales literature, Ludlow did a good job in getting its name out in articles and other presentations. This was due in large part to Douglas McMurtrie.

I'll exclude the Swiftape (and Brightype) from this, since they should get their own sections.

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Manuals and Operation

Ludlow and third party operating guides. Several editions of the Ludlow Typograph manual. Supersurfacer manuals. Miscellaneous operating literature.

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Erecting Procedures

Model L Floor Plan (1931).

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Service Bulletins

Service and related bulletins issued by Ludlow. Includes instructions for Matrix Dressing Tool A763.

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Ephemeral Technical Notes

Things that were never written down officially.

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Nontechnical Ephemera

Letters, envelopes, etc. Packages. These are all "nontechnical" in the sense that they aren't explicit machine instructions, but note that sometimes packages include useful Instructions.

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Price Lists

1960, 1962.

See also the Ludlow Salesman's Book (No. 47) in the Sales and Technical Marketing Notebooks.

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Third-Party Accessories & Supplies

The "Mat Holder Stick" (thin "stereotype-like" matrices in aluminum and brass).

3. Patents


For patents concerning the Ludlow and accessories made by the Ludlow Typograph Company, see the patents section of the Ludlow Principles set of Notebooks.

For patents concerning third-party items related to the Ludlow, see the Ludlow Variations set of Notebooks.

4. Literature to Find

I am currently looking for the following (in any form, whether original, photocopy, or digital copy):

I'm looking for original copies of:

I'm looking to find any further information at all about the following (and, if possible, copies in any form):

Google Books (2009-07-03) lists Specifications for Ludlow Typograph and Equipment ([Chicago]: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1924), "Prices effective February 1, 1924." 7 pages. No preview or snippet view available.

Google Books (2009-07-03) lists Miscellaneous Publications Relating to the Ludlow Typograph System ([Chicago]: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1928), but does not provide even a snippet or preview. It isn't clear to me from this entry whether this is an actual title from Ludlow Typograph or a sort of a "folder" title given to it by a library (though I suspect the latter). They don't indicate which library it comes from, and neither WorldCat nor The Hathi Trust list anything with this title.

Google Books (2009-07-03) lists McMurtrie, Douglas C. Ludlow Composition for the Envelope Manufacturer ([Chicago]: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1929), 15 pages. No preview or snippet view available.

Google Books (2009-07-03) lists what would appear to be a joint publication of the Ludlow Typograph Company and the Mergenthaler Linotype Company, Price List of Parts: 21 Em Model, 1915 and 1916 ([Chicago]: Ludlow Typograph Company, 1915). 53 pp. No snippet view or preview available yet.

As an indication of the sometimes tantalizing nature of Google Books, a 2009-07-03 Google Books search on "Ludlow Typograph" discovered a 1918 issue of The Pacific Printer (exact issue unspecified) with the text: "Two EXCELLENT BOOKS on the Ludlow Typograph have recently been issued - one descriptive of the mechanical end and the other showing specimens..." (79) Unfortunately, the snippet view goes no further and I do not know what books these were.

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